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It’s coming! Who will be King?

SISTERZZ TWISTED headed to PHX Pride and Long Beach Pride!

Hey, fans!  Next sighting of Sisterzz Twisted will be at Phoenix Pride, Sunday April 22nd, 2 pm on the Community Stage!

Then….we head to Long Beach in May for Long Beach Pride, May 19 & 20.  Sisterzz Twisted will hit the Country Stage Saturday at 3:30 pm and Sunday at 2 pm.  We’re bringing on the COUNTRY too! 


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Twisted Christmas is a hit!

Fabulous weekend, Fri and Sat, Dec. 9th & 10th!  We had such a good time!
What amazing fans we have – even in a non-fundraising show, you came through – we raised over $1100 for 1n10 this weekend!

Sisterzz Twisted presents our FIRST EVER Holiday Show!

Friday and Saturday night, Dec. 9th & 10th at 8 pm.  A gift to our fans!


Sisterzz Twisted presents All You Need Is Love!

Love is in the air! And Sisterzz Twisted wants to share it with you. February 25th and 26th at 8pm, Cash Inn Country. All proceeds to benefit Arizona Cancer Charities. Up for raffle – 3 dates with kings!

Directions to Cash Inn Country via Google Maps


Next Thursday 12/30, Apollos in Phoenix is having a special night of shot specials to benefit Sisterzz Twisted! Come on down and enjoy this drink treat whipped up by bartender Nikki Kidd. Karaoke, too! Thanks, Nikki!


5749 N. 7th Street

King of the Cash Show!

kingHey, friends, we have set the date for our next show:

May 21th and 22th, 8 pm at the Cash Inn Country.

It is time again to pass the crown.  Our current King of the Cash, Lain Erdown, will step down Saturday night and a new King will ascend.  See you there!

This is a call for the good stuff!!

ST LogoThis year our Halloween show is a benefit for Meg Sneed, a local community activist, cancer survivor.  We raise funds during the show by auctioning and raffling off items…

SO let us know if you know someone or are someone :) who has something special to donate for us to raffle or auction!  Original artwork – personal electronics – gift certificates - we will take it all!


Set the date in your calendar, folks!!  The Sisterzz Halloween show is fast approaching.  Friday and Saturday nights, Halloween weekend at the Cash, starting at 8 pm.  For those of you not in the know, get there early if you want to snag a seat!  Cirque Du Soooo Gay, here we come.




Join us Saturday, Sept 5th, at the Cash Inn Cafe – tucked in the corner of the Cash Inn Country – for an afternoon of books and coffee specials.  Book signing 4-6 pm with Steve Chandler, author of Fearless.  Books to buy and swap.  50 cent swaps, $1 paperbacks, $2 hardbacks.